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So, what's a Wrist Pocket?!


It's a purse with 2 pockets. It has a strap that slips snuggly onto your wrist.

It will hold your smartphone, cash, key and other essentials so you can be HANDSFREE!!

Max phone size that will fit: 140mm by 75mm*

The Wrist Pocket Purse

Has all of the great features of the Original with some added extras:

- it fits the larger phone such as the iPhone Plus

- horizontal purse opening for easy access.

- individual compartments for credit cards

- separate compartment for notes and coins.

- extra strap for security

Max phone size that will fit : 160mm by 85mm*

*Please allow extra room for a phone cover such as an Otterbox when measuring

The Original Wrist Pocket

Designed in Co.Waterford, Ireland

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Hi, that's me... Susan Furniss Radley, creator of Dust + Rock and The Wrist Pocket.  This photo was taken at the regional finals of Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur. I was 9 months pregnant and looking pretty smug with myself... until 2 days later, when I was disqualified for being too OLD!!! - morto! Anyway, moving swiftly on...


I designed the Wrist Pocket after backpacking around South America in 2010. It would have made life so much easier and safer had I had it for travelling. A local seamstress stitched my design for me. I wore it everywhere, it replaced every handbag. I was stopped when out and about asking where I had bought it... 

Role on 10 years later after initial design concept... I was a commercial pilot, mom of 2 small boys (now 3 boys!) and took a huge leap of fate, handed in my notice and went about bringing The Wrist Pocket to market. It's been a whirlwind adventure, studying design, business and marketing. An adventure full of prototypes, fabrics, zips - a long long way from my career in aviation! 

When I'm not busy sneaking into competitions or parenting 3 crazy boys, I'll be outdoors. One of my favourite things to do here in Dungarvan, Co.Waterford is sea swimming (more like a dip!) or cycling (on my High Nelly, not a racer!)

The Story

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Creators of the Original dust + rock  Wrist Pocket