Wrist Pocket

Haven't heard of The Original Wrist Pocket?

Well, Allow us...

The Wrist Pocket has been described as a "game changer" by some of Ireland's top Instagram influencers...


What does it look like?

It's a purse with 2 pockets. It has a strap that slips snuggly onto your wrist.

Ok, but what can it do for me?

It will hold your smartphone, cash, key and other essentials so you can be HANDSFREE!!

Perfect for popping to the shops, a night on the town, a walk, a run a cycle, a coffee...

Yep, it's about to change your life!!...

The Wrist Pocket Purse has all of the great features of the Original with some added extras:

- it fits the larger phone such as the iPhone Plus

- horizontal purse opening for easy access.

- individual compartments for credit cards

- separate compartment for notes and coins.

- extra strap for security

Designed in Co.Waterford, Ireland

Check out the video for a close up





What is Dust + Rock?

“Why it’s what a shooting star is made from my dear”



A shooting star is also comprised of hopes and dreams.

(Not an actual fact!!)


... but when you see that shooting star blaze across the night sky, you know that anything is possible.

Founded in in 2018 by airline pilot and busy mom, Susan Furniss-Radley, Dust + Rock has been taking sportswear to streetwear, revolutionising the way we live our everyday life.


Our goal is to empower women with freedom, so they can spend more time focusing on living their story.


Creators of the Original dust + rock  Wrist Pocket