Foraoise (Small) Bundle

Foraoise (Small) Bundle


The Foraoise Bundle includes:


The Foraoise Wrist Pocket (small)

 Inspired by the ever changing greenery of the Irish forests.It is here you will find your peace.Foraoise = Forest in Irish


Max phone size: 140mm 75mm


The Foraoise Tote Bag

Cute but strong!

Our Pocket Tote Bags are the perfect companion for your Wrist Pocket.

Did we mention they are super soft and fold away super easily,


You know we are all about practical, functional living which is why we designed the handles to be short. No more trailing your groceries on the ground.

Shopping made easy.


We use it for:

Grocery shopping

Clothes shopping

The gym

The beach

Bike trips

Airplane trip

... versatile, lightweight, fuctional.


42cm by 37cm



Dust and Rock Pocket Hand Sanitiser


Fits perfectly into all Wrist Pockets.

Infused with Vitamin B, Glycerine, Aloe Vera and Essential Oils for super soft hands...

65% alcohol



2 Hand Sanitisers 

Random colour selection